Furry Outpost is a small team creating furry-based erotica games and other art. We’re funded entirely by patrons and do our best to release new games every couple months.

Our games feature multiple furry characters in gameshow or story-based scenarios, wherein you get to have fun stripping them down in a generally comedic and laid back situation. You’ll meet so many furry characters that are shy, embarrassed, indifferent, or outright brave, as you make decisions that ultimately lead to them exposing themselves for your entertainment.

The best part is, all of our games are free! However, if you’re willing to support us through Patreon, it helps guarantee that we can keep creating these projects far into the future. And of course, by supporting us, you’ll earn rewards, such as more direct contact with the staff, early downloads, additional content, and in some case, in-game secrets that are exclusive to patrons!